Friday, 30 October 2009

Mario Lanza - AJW strikes again

Liz Poole from Halesowen wrote on 28/1/09:
"Hi there, I've just got back from a Halesowen shopping trip..In the recently opened 99p store in the Cornbow Mall I found on a shelf by the body lotions a beer mat signed ajw saying:

"fans? I love them I'm an illusion, a fabulous man of mystery."

Thought you might like to know this, I must say I'm quite pleased I now own one of these great mysteries."

1 comment:

  1. i have seen these beermats around pubs in bloxwich since the mid eighties and have collected four and a large picture from the same artist over the last couple of years . i found my lattest last night in the boatmans rest walsall wood ,with a message ;in 1956 elvis visited lanza, at lanzas bel.air home .elvis was super- polite calling him mr lanza, elvis was a real gentleman.