Friday, 11 February 2011

New Cradley "Then and Now" DVD set

The Cradley Then & Now 3xDVD set of 54 heritage films is now available.
The village of Cradley has a diverse history dating back to Mesolithic times. This series of heritage films tells some of its stories. ASspects of the community's unique character, whar its people have experienced at work and play, as well as their exploits during the years of war, are explored.
The 3xDVD set is broadly divided into; Cradley History; People, Work; Play and War; Peace.
Featuring: Stories written, narrated and presented by local people with works by local artists and musicians.
For more information about Cradley's heritage project and to hear the audio book story collection visit the heritage project section of:
The 3xDVD film collection runs for some 6 hours. Check out 'The Steve Bloomer Story' on YouTube at:
The DVD sets cost £24.99 each and for further details email to:

Harry Bloomer
Project Lead
Cradley Then & Now Heritage Project

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