Sunday, 20 March 2011

Youth Theatre Go Digital For Web Project

Young members of Wolverhampton’s Central Youth Theatre swapped their scripts for computer screens last week, as they embarked on a half-term web design week for their Everybody Dance Now project. Everybody Dance Now is part of Dancing for the Games, the West Midlands contribution to the Cultural Olympiad, inspired by London 2012.

Nine members of the youth theatre travelled to the web design studios in Birmingham to get hands on experience, creating the project’s exciting new website. The group are exploring the history of social dance in Wolverhampton, including popular dancehalls such as Queen’s Ballroom, the Civic Hall and Catacombs. Heritage Lottery funding is helping them create an original piece of legacy work – virtual 3D recreations of the dance halls, complete with music and fashion from each era.

The youngsters involved in the web-week have been helping to create this music using computer software, and researching the dance halls to contribute to the 3D recreations. Marketing Assistant Jessica Collings, who accompanied the group, says, “It was great to give the kids the chance to do something different, to get involved with the project beyond just appearing on stage. You could see they got a buzz out of learning new skills from the professionals, and soon their work will go live for everyone to see. They will be able to feel great ownership for the legacy of the project”.

The website will compliment an exhibition of dance hall memories to be shown at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, and the Everybody Dance Now festival at the start of August, which will see local dance groups and youth theatres from Wolverhampton and across Europe perform in the city.

Youth theatre member Jack Baggott, 18, says, “The website is a brilliant idea because it will really appeal to our generation. We have helped in creating the final version of the website, which will be up soon, all shiny and professional. We have all thoroughly enjoyed our experience!”.

The digital recreations will be found at within the next couple of weeks.
For further information, or to organise an interview, contact Marketing Officer Jessica Collings on or 07912647362

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