Monday, 13 June 2011

Kingswinford map expert celebrates after scooping two prestigious awards

A Kingswinford map expert is celebrating after scooping not one but two prestigious awards at a cartographic symposium held recently in Macclesfield.
Mary Spence MBE, of High Wood Close, staved off stiff competition from around the world, including National Geographic, to win the Stanfords Award and the British Cartographic Society Award for her map entitled The Environmental World.

Mary, who combines her role as map-designer for Global Mapping (UK) Ltd with her own publishing house Sparrow Publishing, says: 'It is a great honour to win these awards in the face of such giants in the world of maps. I can now allow myself the whole weekend to celebrate before it's back to the drawing board first thing Monday morning.'
Mary Spence is of Scottish extraction but is now based in Kingswinford where she lives with her long-term partner Graham Fisher MBE. Holding a degree in Geography from Aberdeen and a post-grad in Cartography from Glasgow, she has been a cartographer and publisher for all of her professional life.
She is former President of the British Cartographic Society and organiser of better mapping seminars across the UK. Mary was awarded the MBE for cartographic design in the New Year's Honours list of 2004
The Environmental World is an educational map which highlights the influences on our environment, from natural phenomena to problems occurring through man's activities, and follows on from her award-winning The Dynamic World, which examines natural occurrences such as earthquakes, volcanic activity and tsunamis. Both are available from

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