Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wikipedia Backstage Pass Event at the Black Country Living Museum

My name is Emma Buckler and I am the Museum Development Officer for the Black Country. I am funded by the Arts Council and based with Wolverhampton Arts & Heritage Service. I am helping the Black Country Living Museum to organise an event, to which you are all invited.

Wikipedia Backstage Pass Event at the Black Country Living Museum
18 February 2012 10am – 3.30pm
Wikipedia is the world’s largest, free, on-line encyclopaedia. It contains over 17 million articles, written by over 91,000 editors. It is one of the most powerful on-line resources for sharing information about your organisation.
On the 18th February 2012, the Black Country Living Museum will be opening up it’s object stores and sites to local Wikipedia editors. They will have the opportunity to go “behind the scenes” at the museum, which will inspire new Wikipedia articles. An experienced Wikipedian will be on hand to offer practical advice and support.
Does your organisation have hidden archives or collections that could also inspire Wikipedia articles? Perhaps you could bring along items and information from your organisation? There will be free fish and chips from the world famous Black Country Living Museum’s fried fish shop!
If you would like to attend the Back Stage Pass event, or for further information, please email by Friday 3rd February 2012.
Yours sincerely
Emma Buckler
Emma Buckler
Conurbation Museums Officer
Bantock House
Finchfield Road
Telephone: 01902 556 303Mobile: 07500 125600 Email:
Twitter @curator99
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