Thursday, 29 September 2011

News from Media Archive for Central England (MACE)

MACE release From 'ATVLand' in Colour - Monday 19 September 2011

From 'ATVLand' in Colour - The History of the ATV Centre -
the Most Advanced Studios of Its Time.
On Monday 19th September, MACE released From 'ATVLand' in Colour,
the first of ten DVDs which, in different ways, will capture the history of the
region READ MORE»

Thanks to the Screen Heritage UK Programme, visitors to MACE's
website at can now use our
ADVANCED SEARCH page to browse not only our online catalogue
but the collections of the BFI and 9 other regional film archives
across the UK. This new search tool is called

 Look out for titles from MACE's collection in

Reel History of Britain

which started on Monday 5th September at 6:30pm on BBC2.
In this brand new 20-part series for BBC Two Daytime,
Melvyn Bragg retells the fascinating stories of life in Britain
from 1900 to 1970 through the archive collections of the
British Film Institute and regional archives
across the UK, including MACE READ MORE»
About MACE
MACE is the screen archive for the Midlands. We provide
opportunities for everyone to connect with the culture and
history of the Midlands as reflected in film, videotape and
digital moving images from 1896 (the birth of film) to the
present day. We do that mostly by collecting, researching,
preserving and making available to you what is a truly
remarkable body of material. To browse our catalogue,
visit our website

Media Archive for Central England
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University of Lincoln
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Lincoln LN6 7TS
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